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100% US Based Medical Transcrption

More and more hospitals and physicians are choosing to use our medical transcription services. We’re told it is the way we do business – a superior product, excellent customer service, competitive prices and a fast, simple transaction. We have our own people to thank for that; each one driven to excel, to serve, and to satisfy every client.

Your job is about as serious as it gets, so we take our job just as seriously. Mercedes Transcription’s key success factor is client satisfaction. Healthcare providers across the country, from small community hospitals to large IDNs, choose Mercedes Transcription for our completely personalized and accurate transcription services that, on average, save as much as 20% on current costs.

When your patient is on the gurney heading to the OR, you know with confidence that Mercedes Transcription has accurately transcribed your dictation and uploaded it to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). And when final codes are due for billing, there will be no delay – the required chart dictations are accurate and complete.

Mercedes Transcription’s team are recognized as leaders in the Clinical Documentation (HIM) industry. With a client retention rate of 95%, MTI provides superior service, utilizing state-of-the-art technology that is fully customizable to meet the workflow needs of our clients. We are “all ears” when it comes to client feedback in an effort to streamline processes. We want to make sure that our clients get what they want … and we aim for perfection.


Prefer to use your own dictation/transcription technology platform? No problem.

Our unique ability of being technology agnostic enables us to provide transcription and/or editing services on other dictation/transcription platforms.

Mercedes Transcription provides its clients the convenience of working with a single vendor that captures both technology and service in our service offerings. Our offerings include state-of-the-art dictation and transcription platforms, back-end speech recognition technology, and industry-leading, secure and HIPAA-compliant routing and document distribution.

MTI’s technology gives you unprecedented transparency into our billing practices. Unlike any other platform, you will have access to real-time, on-demand billing reports. MTI’s web-based medical transcription technology can seamlessly interface with your current IT infrastructure. Our engineers can build interfaces with ADT, EHR, PACS/RIS and all other HIS systems. Physicians who like mobility will have the convenience of using our iPhone or Android app to complete their dictations from any handheld device. This allows your healthcare providers the ability to review and complete their charts faster, thus accelerating your revenue cycle.

Turnaround Time

Mercedes Transcription has the capability to meet your most stringent turnaround-time requirements. From dictation to delivery, we use the latest technology to create intelligent profiling and routing algorithms that send the most urgent job to the MT best fit for completion.

MTI’s web-based medical transcription technology platform and workflow components incorporate an MT profiling logic specific to work-type specialties and routing rules. This proprietary workflow gives MTI a strategic advantage in delivering clinical documentation with consistent quality — all in a shorter timeframe.

Quality Standards

Mercedes Transcription is recognized throughout the industry as a high-quality Medical Transcription Service provider. Hospitals and healthcare providers can trust Mercedes to document their patient stories accurately.

Mercedes Transcription has very efficient quality assurance, management, and monitoring systems in place, which we continuously strive to improve every day. MTI has introduced a new Operations Model designed with each of our clients in mind, allowing direct access to your very own team without going through multiple layers of management review.

100% U.S.-Based Medical Transcription

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